Kawasaki 10W40 Mineral Oil - 4L

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Kawasaki M4 oil is custom-formulated to exacting specifications of Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. and designed for use in a wide range of climates and conditions. Kawasaki M4 is engineered to provide tenacious protection for high stress and high temperature air or liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines. Kawasaki M4 conforms to JASO T 903:2011 for wet clutches. Kawasaki M4 10W40 has a pour point of -33°C. Kawasaki M4 10W40 oil meets or exceeds the latest stringent JASO T 903:2011 criteria.

Key Features

  • Certified JASO MA2 performance
  • Superior friction reduction, increased efficiency
  • Outstanding high RPM, high temperature protection
  • Excellent wet clutch performance
  • Improved volatility, less oil consumption
  • Excellent high temperature deposit control
  • Better oxidation control

Kawasaki Part Number - K61021-090