Honda GN4 10W40 Engine Oil - 1 US GAL (3.79 L)

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Pro Honda GN4 oils are intended as an all around 4-stroke oil motorcycle for normal everyday riding; low heat applications. GN4 is a petroleum-based motorcycle 4-stroke oil recommended for scooters, ATV's and motorcycles used for light duty and low heat usage. Commuting, normal street rides, casual trail use and low engine stress situations do not cause as much heat to build up in the engine therefore a less expensive additive package can be utilized. This is our original motorcycle oil formula developed specifically for motorcycles and blended with an additive package to meet the unique shifting

requirements of shared engine and transmission sump designs. GN4 is packaged in a 1-litre black bottle with a red label, available in 10W30, 10W40, 20W50 and also 5w30 weight for cold weather ATV use.

Honda Part Number - CB68843