Tirox Chain Cleaner W/Brush - 400G

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Leading chain manufacturers suggest you use kerosene to clean your chain. Tirox® Chain Degreaser / Cleaner contains mostly kerosene, as recommended. If your chain cleaner does not contain kerosene, then you could be distressing your O-rings.
Tirox Chain Degreaser / Cleaner is formulated to remove heavy residue and deposits efficiently from chains, sprockets, rims and swing arms.
It won’t harm O, X & Z rings or plastics.
Regular use and cleaning with Tirox Chain Cleaner with Kerosene extends chain life and optimizes performance.

We do not like excessively tacky lubricants or overly dry ones either.
We strongly recommend cleaning your chain every 300-500 miles or every two to three lubrication intervals but, for the best results, clean it every time before you lubricate your chain.