Sena Linkin Ride Pal 2 - LS2

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The system allows you to pair 2 phones at the same time and charges with the supplied Micro-USB cable. (Any USB port will charge it.) It features SENA's proprietary Digital Signal Processing, (DSP) for noise cancellation.

To let you know the device is turned on or off, the device has voice prompts for "hello" and "goodbye." The IRP device manager allows you to upgrade the firmware and configure the device settings directly from your PC by downloading the LS2 interface, which is both Windows and Mac compatible. Using this software, you can assign speed dial presets and more.

This unit can be paired with up to 3 other SENA intercoms on a 1 to 1 basis (total 4 units including yours), with a range of approximately 400 meters. You can even share your music with your intercom partner. Additionally, this system also supports the Universal Intercom Function. This means you can intercom with a non-SENA Bluetooth system using the IRP if the other system supports Hands-Free Profile (HFP).
  • Can pair to two cell phones at one time
  • Internal 3 way intercom support
  • Digital signal processing noise cancellation
  • Can be connected to non-Sena intercom if other system supports HFP
  • Integrated fit for LS2 Vector, Metro, Breaker, Citation and Infinity