Windshield Cleaner/Polish - 7OZ

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Slipstreamer Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner & Polish has been keeping windshields clean and clear for nearly 40 years since being developed in Slipstreamer’s very own factory in 1975. This product is a rich cream that is both anti-fog and anti-static and it works on all plastics including OEM windshields. Using a quality cleaner not only keeps your bike looking great, it’s important for performance and safety.

About the Polish

This dual action product cleans, restores, and helps maintain the clarity of your windshield. If you are struggling to remove pesky adhesives, tar, bugs, or small scratches, this cleaner not only has the power to remove them, it leaves your windshield looking shiny and new. In addition, Slipstreamer’s combination cleaner and polish leaves an emulsion coating, or protective finish, after every use which prevents bugs, dirt, tar, dust, and other adhesives from sticking to the windshields surface in the future. Regular use of this product can help prevent unwanted buildup ultimately keeping you safer as a dirty windshield can become a huge safety hazard if debris is blocking your line of sight.